What is Louisiana Checkbook.com?

LouisianaCheckbook.com is the online home to the growing movement of citizens and taxpayers who want to see common-sense transparency and accountability for every tax dollar in Louisiana. If implemented, Louisiana Checkbook would be an easy-to-use, frequently-updated website so you could see how your taxes are being spent by state and local government entities across the state.


Why is transparency important to Louisiana?

Taxpayers have a right to know how government is spending our money. It’s basic common sense that if government is going to ask us to pay taxes that we should be able to see how those funds are spent, in real time without having to navigate complicated processes. This should be true in any state, but it’s particularly important here in Louisiana, given our history of corruption and wasteful spending. After all, sunlight is the best disinfectant, and providing this level of transparency is the next, critical step to rebuilding trust in government.


What are other states doing?

As state budgets continue to grow across the country and the technological ease of sharing information has developed rapidly, taxpayers in states across the country have demanded – and been given – unprecedented levels of transparency on how their tax dollars are being spent. The best such example is in Ohio, where State Treasurer Josh Mandel launched OhioCheckbook.com in 2014. Every penny the state government spends – along with those from more than 1,000 local government entities in every corner of the state – is posted online throughout the year, so taxpayers in Ohio have a real-time view of how their tax dollars are being spent. That means they don’t have to wonder what their government is up to…they know for sure. We aim to recreate – with our own unique Louisiana flair, of course – Ohio Checkbook right here in the Pelican State.


How can I help?

Join the growing movement of taxpayers who are demanding full transparency for open government in Louisiana! You can help the cause by:

  • Signing our LouisianaCheckbook.com petition
  • Emailing your contact list to engage them in the campaign and ask them to sign the petition, as well.
  • Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for the latest updates.
  • Repost our information to your Facebook and Twitter accounts.
  • Write a letter to the editor of your local paper demanding elected officials provide transparency for every tax dollar in Louisiana.


Who is leading the campaign?

The movement for Louisiana Checkbook is a loose coalition of individual taxpayers, public policy organizations, and businesses from across Louisiana who believe in good government and financial transparency.