A new way to help Louisiana government improve transparency

Feb 15, 2018

What if you had a digital check book, but instead of keeping track of your own finances you could keep track of your states?

The Louisiana check book, if implemented, would be and easy to use frequently updated website taxpayers could visit and see every cent state and local government entities spend across the state. Last week the Lafayette Parish School System endorsed this resolution for fiscal transparency and accountability in which they could be a part of.


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“A Louisiana Checkbook? We Can’t Do That!”

Feb 12, 2018

That seems to be the message the insiders at the state capitol are now telling the people, like Americans For Prosperity and the Louisiana Association for Business and Industry, who are pushing for Louisiana to adopt something like the Ohio Checkbook this year.


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Business Group Pushes For Government Transparency Website

Feb 9, 2018

The Louisiana Association of Business and Industry (LABI) is one of the more powerful influencers inside the state capitol.

This year, they’re focusing on government transparency, namely through the creation of a website called Louisiana Checkbook. LABI president Stephen Waguespack says it’s about rebuilding people’s trust in government.

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LABI Pushes for La

Feb 8, 2018

It has been hard to find much to agree on in state government, as the legislature and administration are trying to fill the nearly one billion dollar budget hole. However, there’s one proposal that could bring some bi-partisanship: an enhanced government spending transparency website. KALBs Steven Maxwell reports.


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Louisiana Checkbook: GOP Seeks Spending Website in Tax Talks

Feb 8, 2018

BATON ROUGE, La. (AP) — In Louisiana‘s partisan debate over taxes, Republicans and Gov. John Bel Edwards’ administration are bickering over a one-stop website detailing how every state budget dollar is spent.

GOP lawmakers, conservative organizations and business groups are promoting a searchable website they say offers transparency in government, which they’re calling Louisiana Checkbook.


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Ohio Checkbook website wows business crowd at Louisiana Association of Business & Industry conference

Feb 8, 2018

The movement to create a more user-friendly budget transparency website in Louisiana keeps growing, and its backing likely got a hefty boost this week.

Hundreds of Louisiana’s top business leaders were privy to a demonstration of Ohio Checkbook, which has become a rally point for Louisiana groups pushing the transparency website as one piece of a larger deal on the state budget, which faces yet another shortfall this year.

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New Website Lets You See How Louisiana Spends Your Money Video

Feb 8, 2018

John Kay, Director of the Louisiana Chapter of Americans for Prosperity, talks with 101.7 / 710 KEEL’s Robert J Wright and Erin McCarty about the new Louisiana Checkbook website, which will give citizens a close-up look at how state government spends your tax dollars.

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Louisiana Checkbook: Lafayette Parish School Board joins growing statewide coalition calling for creation of Louisiana Checkbook transparency website

Feb 8, 2018

New good government tool would open the books of state and local government spending in Louisiana

NEW ORLEANS (Feb. 8, 2018) – Today the Louisiana Checkbook coalition is pleased to welcome the Lafayette Parish School Board as the first governmental entity to join its ranks. Last night, the Board decided – by a unanimous vote – to endorse the creation of Further, the Board resolution passed last night calls on every other school board across Louisiana to join Lafayette Parish in opening up their books on Louisiana Checkbook. VIEW THE RESOLUTION HERE

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Deadline Approaching For February Special Session

Feb 2, 2018

Earlier this week, Speaker of the House Taylor Barras (R-New Iberia) sent a letter to Edwards, explaining that in order to consider raising more revenue, many in the House want to see Louisiana change its spending habits by putting a harder cap on the state’s spending limit and making changes to the Medicaid program.

They’re also calling for a transparency website — Louisiana Checkbook — so that citizens can better track state spending. Pointing to a recent study by the U.S. Public Interest Research Group, Edwards says Louisiana already has high marks in that area.

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Ohio Checkbook demonstration highlights LABI annual meeting agenda

Feb 2, 2018

Frank Kohstall, the director of public affairs for the Ohio Treasurer’s office, will discuss the creation of the Ohio Checkbook, a website allowing citizens to track and investigate that state’s government spending, at the Feb. 8 annual meeting of the Louisiana Association of Business and Industry.

Kohstall will participate in an hour-long panel discussion called “Reimagining Louisiana: Bolder Vision, Brighter Future,” where he will demonstrate the online portal and showcase how it has set a standard for government accountability. The panel also will include economist Loren Scott and Louisiana State Treasurer John Schroder.

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Lawmaker: State spending data website among best in nation, but could be better

Jan 31, 2018

Although Louisiana has a website ranked among the nation’s best in providing access to spending data, Republican lawmakers said on Tuesday that they would like to improve it as part of negotiations to solve the state’s impending budget shortfall.

The site, the Louisiana Transparency and Accountability portal, ranked seventh among the 50 states in providing online access to spending data, according to a report in 2016 by a non-profit group in Washington, D.C.

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House GOP Outlines Spending Controls Wanted in Tax Debate

Jan 30, 2018

“House members feel strongly about coupling these reforms to revenue measures being proposed in an effort to achieve a balanced solution,” the House speaker wrote.

The proposals would tighten limits on annual state spending growth and create a new website called Louisiana Checkbook to track state spending.

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Letters: Public “checkbook” helps curb abuses

Jan 28, 2018

We live in the internet age and expect to be able to research any and everything online — and that includes the state’s expenditures item by item. If Gov. John Bel Edwards and the Legislature implement the “checkbook policy,” it would turn loose an army of eagle-eyed taxpayers to scrutinize every expenditure, 1,000 times more people than the state auditing agency now has — and potentially save the state’s taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars. The transparency would also help attract companies and jobs to Louisiana.

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Jan 27, 2018

As Louisiana politicians try to find solutions for the state’s seemingly never-ending financial struggles, a website that sheds light on another state’s budget could play a key role in forging a plan.

You may not have visited yet, but you’re probably about to hear a lot about it if you haven’t already.

It’s quickly becoming one of the key budget reform efforts that is being pushed to counterbalance the need for revenue that’s needed to close a looming $1 billion budget shortfall, even though creating something similar here would not provide any immediate savings to the state and would likely cost thousands upfront to build.

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Guest column: Clearer look needed at Louisiana spending

Jan 24, 2018

The Ohio Checkbook has been wildly successful. After the Ohio state government put its spending online for all to see, other jurisdictions followed suit, including dozens of counties, hundreds of cities and towns, numerous school districts, and all state-funded colleges and universities, boards and commissions, and quasi-public agencies. And the numbers continue to grow. As a result, the state earned perfect scores for transparency two years in a row from the U.S. Public Interest Research Group.

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